Disputio is here for everybody who really wants to find common ground

We help you overcome communication barriers, deal with emotions and find a common understanding. Together, we work to find a solution to your conflict. The solution will be satisfactory for both sides while supporting good relations and will remain relevant in the future.

Disputio is here for everybody who really wants to find common ground

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How we resolve disputes

You create an account and invite the other side of the dispute

You only need a smartphone or laptop with an internet connection. You simply create an account on Disputio and invite the person with whom you have a dispute. It can be your partner, colleague, neighbour or anyone else. You can also start a case for someone else without being a party to the dispute yourself.

You get your Guide who will lead you through the process of finding an agreement

They will help you deal with negative emotions. They will create space for creative solutions to your problem and support cooperation and mutual trust.

You communicate in a secure chat

With the counterparty as well as with the Guide, you communicate in a secure chat. You have the possibility to discuss in a group chat with all participants or in a private chat with the Guide only. There, you exchange information, discuss all the underlying issues and search for a solution.

You find out what to expect and you agree on some ground rules

In the beginning, your Guide will introduce you to the entire process of resolving a dispute and you will agree on some ground rules for communication. The guide then seeks from both parties information about the dispute. Its origins and dynamics, as well as your needs and motivations. 

You clarify your viewpoints and you search for a solution

Together you analyse the problem thoroughly and try to find the essential and the truly contentious points. For each point of conflict, you suggest solutions, which you then assess. The objective is to compose the constituent solutions into one final agreement, which will be clear, acceptable and beneficial for both parties.

You formulate an agreement

If you manage to find an agreement, it will be emailed to you and available for download in your account. For the next 3 months, you still have the opportunity to return to the discussion and ask the Guide for additional help in implementing the agreement. The entire agreement search process will be removed from Disputio after this time to maintain privacy.


Is Disputio free?

Yes. Currently, Disputio offers a free service, provided by volunteers. In the future we will also introduce a paid version, where you will be able to select your Guide.

Do the Guides have any expert education?

At Disputio you are helped by volunteers with various professional backgrounds and diverse experiences. All Guides receive our support not only by receiving the dispute resolution process curriculum but also by receiving the training from the professionals in the field. And last but not least they all share the desire to help others resolve their disputes and live a life without unnecessary conflicts.

Is using Disputio safe?

All the sensitive data is carefully protected against unauthorized access, transfer or loss. Disputio also doesn't store your password, which eliminates the possibility of leaking it. These principles put Disputio security on par with your email service providers. The application has been security audited by Citadelo, a recognized specialist in security testing.

Can I enforce the adherence to the agreement in court?

Disput.io is not a legal institution. The agreement is not legally binding. It's creation and implementation is completely up to you, the participants of the dispute.

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