Opportunity for a better life

At Disputio we believe that there is a mutually acceptable solution to most disputes. We believe that it's worth searching for. We believe that the road to agreement is open to anybody who wants to change their relationships as well as themselves for the better. 


It is no one else but you who makes the final decisions about the ultimate solution to your dispute. Your active participation and cooperation creates a stronger and longer lasting agreement.

The Guide

will bring you sympathy, understanding and the experience of a third person. An intermediary, who creatively leads you to a mutual agreement and steers your journey in the right direction.


The community captures and shares practices that work. It creates support. And inspires individual Guides as well as the participants in disputes.


helps you reach an agreement. It creates a space, where you can rationally yet informally resolve conflicts, find understanding and realise what really matters.


The online existence of the platform allows you to work on your agreement safely, anywhere, anytime.