Disputio helps you bury the hatchet.

Online platform for effective dispute resolution

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Disputio helps you bury the hatchet.

1. Create a case

Create a free anonymous account and invite the other side of the dispute. It can be your partner, neighbour, or colleague. You can also start a case for others without being a party to the dispute yourself

2. Get your Guide

The guides are people who will lead you through the entire process of finding an agreement and will create space for discussion.

3. Analyse the dispute and search for a solution

You actively analyse the causes and nature of the dispute. You suggest, assess and choose solutions which will be acceptable to both sides.

4. Create an agreement

You form an agreement which will make everybody happy and which you will be able to implement.

You're not alone

The entire search for an agreement is moderated by a sympathetic guide. They steer communication in the right direction and ensure common understanding. They help you free the conflict of emotions, see the core of the problem and find a solution.

You're not limited by time or space

You only need a smartphone or a laptop with internet connection. The chatroom is active 24/7, so you can react to the Guide's or the oponent's suggestions at any time and from any location. 

Privacy and safety above all

In Disputio the actors of the dispute as well as the Guides are anonymous. Their chat is not available to anybody else. The entire platform operates under a strict regime of data protection and IT security and has been subjected to penetration testing.

Where there's a will to find an agreement,
there's a way.
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