We can help you bring the other side to the negotiating table

We can help you bring the other side to the negotiating table

In our experience, a large number of disputes remain unresolved due to the inability of the disputing parties to come to the negotiating table. The opposing party may not be interested in resolving the situation, you are at an impasse, don't know how to start?

At Disputio, we have chosen several approaches to help you overcome these initial barriers. The first is that all communication takes place via chat. So you don't have to sit down with your "adversary" face-to-face, but you can stay safe in your digital existence. In addition, this solution fully respects your time as it is asynchronous. This means that you contribute and read the posts of others in the discussion only when you have time. There's no need to organize meetings, find convenient times for everyone and quiet places for uninterrupted conversation.

But what's brand new is our "Consultant" feature. This is a person who will help you to formulate arguments, look for common interests and threats, so that you can convincingly explain to your counterpart that trying to find an agreement on your own is better in all circumstances than to wait until the situation escalates and third-party authority is needed, where you will have little to no influence on the shape of the outcome and a possible mutually acceptable solution will be wasted.

There are two ways to access the help of a consultant in Disputio. If you already know or suspect that you will need help to start negotiations, you can check the "I want to talk to a consultant" box right away when you create a case, without inviting the other party to negotiate:

The Consultant can then go straight to work with you and help you formulate your arguments. Once you feel ready, you can then invite your opponent into this ongoing case:

If the other party then accepts your invitation, the Consultant will be removed from the case and a new Guide will be assigned, but will not have access to the previous conversation with the Consultant. He or she will thus start from the beginning with all parties to the dispute in order to maintain his or her full neutrality.

The other option is that you will invite your counterparty to your case right from the start as standard, but they will not accept your invitation. If this invitation goes unanswered for more than two days, we will automatically show your case to our consultants who can then offer you their assistance. If, in the course of a subsequent conversation with a consultant, the counterparty you invited then accepts the invitation, the same situation as described above will occur. The Consultant will be disconnected and the case will be shown to the Guides.

We firmly believe that this assistance will significantly help increase the percentage of cases initiated that reach a true resolution.